I wanted to write to you a bit about how I did end up writing this blog. For my whole life I have been interested in makeup, hair, fashion etc. but when I was doing my makeup I usually always used only really basic routines such as foundation, mascara, blush, bronzer and then a little bit some eyeshadow for special occasions (and don´t get me wrong, that is totally fine, my everyday makeup is still close to that).

Then like a few years ago I had this big fancy party coming up and I needed a really nice makeup. But I´ve always had a problem. I don´t like other people doing my make-up. It just never ends up looking perfect to me. So I was struggling because I knew I didn´t want to hire somebody to do it but I also wasn´t sure about my own skills.

So I ended up finding some inspiration from YouTube and found out that it is full off make-up tutorials. (Seriously I didn´t know before this...:D) Well I started to watch them and I was hooked. Then I just started to try things on my own and noticed that actually it wasn´t hard at all and that I was pretty good at it. It felt so good when I went out and someone said that my make-up looked really nice. (Well that is probably something that will feel good forever.)


That was just the beginning. I have learned so much since that I can´t even understand. Same time I also want to get better and better. But how did I end up writing a blog about beauty? Well I used to have a blog years and years ago (don´t worry it has been long gone :D) but then my life was so busy I stopped writing. For like a year I was happy without a blog but then I started missing it and ever since I have been thinking about coming back. Well a lot has happened and my life is still crazy busy; I study at the University, I am working, I travel quite a lot and now I have this blog. But this makes me so happy that I want to try to make this possible. I love making video tutorials for you and I love the fact that I can learn so many new things at the same time.

This world is full of beauty channels made by amazing beauty professionals so why am I even trying something like this without proper education on beauty? (Believe me, what I study is really far from this...but it is my other passion.) I hope my blog will be down to earth and that everybody can find something useful from here. I love to do this and I hope you will see it too. This is a small dream coming true for me.


I also want to open a bit why I will write this blog with two languages. Finnish is my native language and it felt natural to write this at least partly in Finnish. But make-up is universal, it doesn´t stop to land borders, it is for everyone. I want to make this blog for every beauty geek like me so I decided to make this mainly in English. Plus I love to use English. I use to live in London and I actually went back for last summer and it is still another home city for me. I use English every day in my life so this is just another channel for me to be able to use it.

Congratulations if you made this far, I´m sure half of you fell asleep in the middle. Have a good day everyone!

At the moment I´m visiting Prague, so see you next week!

In Finnish:

Vähän mietteitä siitä miten päädyin perustamaan tämän blogin ja miten minusta tulikaan näin fanaattinen kauneusasioiden suhteen. Poikkeuksellisesti en tällä kertaa käännä koko juttua suomeksi ihan jutun pituuden vuoksi. Kyselkää jos tulee kysyttävää!
Ihanaa päivää! 


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